Suze Vonk Presets

With the help of presets specially made for phone shot pictures, you'll be able to tell your families story with beautiful pictures you made yourself.

Over the last years I’ve been editing my phone pictures to add that little extra magic to them. I would love for you to be able to do the same. 



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Easy one-click-preset

Even if you’ve never edited pictures before you’ll be able to use these one-click presets and change your “normal” picture to add some ambiance to your photo’s.

Presets vs photo filters?

What is the difference between presets and filters you can use in instagram for example? 

Short story: They’re mostly too harsh and they’re limited in options. 

Presets are a much more advanced way of editing your pictures. A preset is a set of edits that are basically copy-pasted to any photo you like. These old film presets are the ones I’m very in love with at the moment. 

Before and afters

With buying the presets you receive a step-by-step PDF that exactly explains how to instal the presets. 

Or go to this blog directly to get the instructions.

No you can use the free Lightroom mobile app on your phone. They will try to convince you to a subscription but you can click that away and use the app for free.

This is the icon you’re looking for:

Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor App Ranking and Store Data |


After you put the preset on your picture you can adjust it to your picture and to your preferences. If you’re new to presets or Lightroom you can find help in the reels section of preset.suzevonk on instagram. 

You can choose to pay with Paypal or Ideal

So excited you can now also use these and like your own pictures even more.

For 17 euro you’ll recieve the Old Film Preset pack that you can use in the free Lightroom app. It includes these three presets:

Old film

Faded Film

B&W Old film

 Start adding a little magic to your pictures and make them all look B-E-A-UTIFUL