Apparently the second trimester starts at 13 weeks and ends after 26 weeks. I don’t know when these weeks happened. But here we are, at 28 weeks with baby 3 and we already entered the third trimester. It’s crazy to think this will be my last few months of being pregnant ever. 

Just this morning Vincent said he had fun watching first-time pregnant couples looking all radiant and well rested. And then thinking about how different their life will be in a few months. 

We had some mean laughs feeling so tired after a week with a sick kid but then looked at those cute faces and knew being a parent has been the most meaningful thing we’ve done. Can’t wait to meet another little human and see her grow.

Second-trimester recap

Solo Parenting

During the first trimester, I felt really tired (read: mandatory naps every afternoon with the kiddos) luckily the moment I hit the 13-week mark I felt much better. Less tired, less feeling on the edge of getting sick but not actually getting sick.

And all was just in time because during the summer Vincent was mostly gone so I needed all my energy for solo patenting + organizing a wedding. 


II never imagined getting married pregnant. If anything I always said I will not get married pregnant.  Jokes on me when we finally decided it was time and we would just do it. I was already pregnant and we found out 5 days later. 

We could have decided to not get married this year, but we were already so excited about it and happy the decision was finally made. So we would just make it work. As long as I could find a pretty dress I could wear pregnant. I want dress shopping asap because I looked at the pregnancy dresses and those worried we. But I soon figured out that with the kind of dresses I was looking for I had plenty of options for normal dresses. 

We got married when I was exactly 21 weeks pregnant and it was the most special thought this baby was also part of our big day. 

Third-trimester intentions

Entering the third trimester I’ve been thinking about how to prepare for this baby to get here. Because up until now I definitely haven’t spent enough time on it. 

So some things want to prioritize more:

I feel like those things are the minimal thing to do so I will feel prepared for another baby in just a few months.

Preparing for birth

Funny thing is, for my second birth I was more anxious than for my first birth. Where the first time I had no clue, I was now more aware of the pain that was coming and wasn’t sure I could handle it. 

But I had two unmedicated births and survived. So this time around I’m actually looking forward to this birth. (I’ll probably change my mind on this once those contractions start to get serious, haha) 

You never know how things may happen but I’m looking forward to that moment of meeting your baby for the first time. It’s just the most magical thing ever.

I’ll keep you posted on my Instagram on how we prepare for this little human!