Bedstee – Build-in bed

All our bedrooms have those two sloping roofs. Which makes decorating these rooms kinda interesting. So I made a lot of different plans and options to create something pretty and useful. And of course, I wanted to create every kid’s dream room. And kids just love little houses and cozy places to hide. So why not create something that fits all that but also the house? 

In Dutch we call it a modern bedstee, in English I’m not sure what the name would be, maybe a build-in bed? It’s a very typical old dutch. You can sometimes still find them in old houses. They even used to have doors so you could close the bed. This way you would have a small place that stayed warm during the night. Since our house is over a 100 years old a bedstee would be quite fitting.

From the second we moved into this house, Lilou wanted to sleep in her big girl bed even though it wasn’t finished. 

DIY tip
Some time ago I read something smart on a DIY blog. It is said to always design with the purpose of a future redesign. So for this bed I  only connected it to the wall in 3 places at the back of the bed. Sturdy enough to stay in place and easy enough to take the whole thing out, is case we want to change this room in the future.

I used the 50 cm IKEA PAX closet and put in drawers for all the clothes. If was too high but I just cut off the sides to the right length and put the top back on to keep it sturdy. I also bought a simple slatted bed base so I didn’t have to make that myself. 

We painted the inside of the bed white to fit the ceiling and the outside a cute pink, added some lights to make it fancy and it was all done. Than it was time to decorate!